Just in time for pride month, we’re bringing you this limited and exclusive swag!


Show your PRIDE masks, an Ignite Community Services Fundraiser. If wearing a mask is a requirement, we’re gonna make it a fashion statement!

This is quite the time to be running a social organization. When we started Ignite, community was our main purpose. We knew we needed something more than a bar or a building to give us stability and connection. Our mixers and parties and meetups and fundraisers have all been opportunities to build and grow our connections.

But here’s the 2020 reality…the way we’ve been doing things may need to change. In order to continue building a community and creating space for women and trans and non-binary folk to meet and connect, we’re going to have to shift the way we’ve been doing things. One of those ways is going to be through taking what we do now and making it virtual. And while that seems like it shouldn’t be too big of a transition, it poses it’s own set of unique challenges.

One large challenge we are currently facing is covering our administrative and basic operating costs through the remainder of the year. Having already canceled events, and putting planning on hold for events coming up, we’re working to find ways to keep Ignite moving forward so LBTQ+ individuals can continue to meet, connect, and empower each other.

We thought a great way to do that would be to get some swag out there! These masks are a limited availability and one of a kind to Ignite! A great way to show your community that you are here no matter what life throws at us! 100% of profits will go directly back to Ignite Community Service/Ignite Women South Florida and will cover as much of our operating expenses as we can so we can bring you some exciting virtual events & programming.


Show your PRIDE Masks Fundraiser: Masks

The masks are currently in pre-order, we expect to start shipping masks in Early-Mid June.

Pre-Order $15 - Free Domestic Shipping

100% of Profits Donated to Ignite Community Services.